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106 Central Park South

Owner and Developer

Photos of renovation in progressA gut rehabilitation of an historic ballroom into a graceful entertainment suite overlooking Central Park South.” The nine foot ceilings were demolished and opened up to reveal the original eighteen foot heights throughout the apartment. Inspiration from Gaude’s architecture transformed and uplifted the heavy steel columns into a seeming pair of dancing ballerinas.

Most of the structures presented in our folio were restored, rehabilitated or newly constructed by Finite Construction Company, Inc., a wholly owned affiliate of Carter Management Corp. The Finite Construction staff is responsible for building and/or supervising nearly a billion dollars of rehabilitation and new construction. Competitive general contractors are often hired provided they execute a Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract secured by a Payment and Performance Bond.
Photos of renovation in progress
Owning and performing duties as a general contractor enables us us to save time and money over the life of the project while ensuring that expectations of quality are not only met, but exceeded.